About Us

Hello, we are the Blauers!  We live on a former dairy farm in central Minnesota. 
In 2004 I (Liz) attended my first large homeschool conference here in Minnesota. While there, I went to a seminar on timelines. I thought it was a swell idea for our daughter Lauren, and my mind began churning: how could I create the kind of timeline that would work with our teaching style?
I looked at the many vendors at the conference. I wanted something flexible, to be able to add pages when I wanted to without being limited by someone else's pre-printed layout; I didn't need all of history's pages assembled before I was ready for them. I wanted the freedom to be able to plunk something onto the timeline when we happened to "hit on" it in our studies or reading. One day Lauren might pick up a book on Abraham Lincoln, the next day we might continue our reading on ancient Greece. Whatever we found interesting needed to find a place on the timeline. I found no product that would meet our needs.
Well, it probably took over a year of mulling to come up with a way I thought would work; then several more months to get around to gathering the materials. And I was off! I made the pages by hand, and the system worked! That winter I was putting together pages for yet another century (the 1500's I believe), and truthfully, it was a bit of a pain. I covered the sides of the pages, painstakingly measured and drew the lines, wrote the categories and dates. With all of the effort involved, I didn't want Lauren to go near it! That part of the system didn't work!
That evening, Add-A-Century Timeline was born. Producing this product for me, and for everyone else who wanted the flexibility and fun of studying history this way was an idea who's time had come. It gives me a thrill to know that someone is receiving a product that I truly believe will help them to see and learn history in such a clear and enjoyable way.
Thanks for visiting with us. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. We invite any and all feedback; it is valuable to us as we endeavor to make Add-A-Century Timeline one of your favorite teaching tools.