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 Add-A-Century has gone DIY!

Well, sort of.  The coated edges on the Card Stock pages that make the system completely flexible (allowing you to add or remove pages in the middle of your Timeline) are now applied by you!  The back of the Card Stock pages have dotted lines to show you just where to place your Clear System Tabs to accommodate the Connector Stickers so the flexibility of the Add-A-Century Timeline system works just as it always has!  Check it out below.

The Add-A-Century Timeline System

What's Included?


Note: Oversize Binder accommodates 12" x 12" Timeline pages, with two pockets to hold images, stickers, etc.

Add-A-Century Timeline Starter Pack (& All-Time-Line!)

The Starter Pack Includes:
  • 20 double pages of 12" x 24" 80# card stock
  • Clear System Tabs
  • Connector Stickers
  • Date Stickers - from 4999 BC to 2040 AD
  • 9 Category Labels for every double page - categories include:
    • Government & Politics
    • Wars
    • History
    • Science & -Technology
    • Literature & Theater
    • Art & Music
    • Fictional Characters
    • Church & Religion
    • Life
  • Tabs for storing your Timeline in a 3-ring binder
  • 10 Flip-Ups
  • 3 sheets 1" circle stickers in 3 colors
  • 2 Image Sheets - 73 images from the 1200's to the 1800's to get you started

The All-Time-Line Includes:

  • Everything you see in the Starter Pack
  • 20 Additional double pages of Card Stock with Connector Stickers, Clear System Tabs, and Category Labels
  • Additional Binder Tabs
  • 10 Additional Flip-Ups
  • Ancient Line
  • Oversize Binder

Ancient Line

The Ancient Line is a simple way to document the first 3000 years on your Timeline without using 60 pages of card stock for a handful of recorded events! This ribbon portion of your Timeline is designed for the 2-page-per-century layout, but as with the rest of the Add-A-Century Timeline system, you can use it for however many years you choose!


  • Ancient Line ribbon
  • Cardboard Holder
  • 12 ancient history Images on sticker paper
  • 16 Event Cards - for use with images & Date Stickers
  • 32 Date Cards - enough for every 100 years - for use with Date Stickers
  • Hook & Loop Dot Fastener