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Testimony of Michelle

I've been homeschooling for 10 years and wanted to let you know that this is one of THE best things I have found (THE best in timelines). My kids are now excited about history because we get to add to our timeline. They even asked if we could add other people, like composers, that we come across in other classes, of course! We just took a few centuries out to hang on the wall and my son was worried we were ruining the "book" format. He was thrilled to find out we can put it back together any time. Another bonus...we are seeing history as a big picture now rather than a lot of little pieces. I even learned, finally, that Columbus sailed before Vasco da Gama...this may seem insignificant, but I didn't notice until we went to put them on the timeline. I had to double check my dates! Sorry this is so long, I just really wanted to thank you for creating such an amazing product. We will add to this every year!

A few weeks later, after asking if we could use her comments:
You may use any comments you like. I really do think it is such an awesome product. We've been homeschooling for 10 years and I have never been so excited about anything we've purchased before. We have about 600 years on our wall right now and show EVERYONE who comes over those pages plus the book.

And, my 11yearold son just handed me a piece of paper with a bunch more names he would like to add to the timeline (I've been getting the pics online for now until we get some sort of safe filtering software on our computer). The kids put them on the timeline.

Also, I am learning a lot myself. My biggest discovery and a surprise to many adults who have seen this Napoleon and Daniel Boone were alive about the same time. Obviously that makes sense now, but we learn about them in two different situations. That is the real beauty of this whole system we are getting a complete picture of history!
Testimonial By: Michelle W — Maple Grove, MN

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